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Chiroenergy is a muscolo-fascial method of harmonising a sequence of movements developed by Ms Heike Meyer. This special way of resetting joints can only be used by very few people. It has no side effects and is more exact than any methods used previously.

Chiroenergy is based on minimal energetic impulses through which muscles and connective tissue are correspondingly affected thus releasing a blockage. It is irrelevant whether the blockage is in the muscles or in the bones.

There are two common causes of blockages:
Trauma – this means all types of mechanical stimuli (accidents, operations, injuries etc.)
Structural aberrations in posture or uneven balance within the muscular framework.

Blockages caused by trauma can in most cases be released by chiroenergy and they will not return.
Blockages caused by bad posture require the collaboration of the patient, for muscles ‘remember’ and this often means that blockages develop anew.
In addition chiroenergy can be used to realign misplaced joints almost immediately, thus optimising greatly the time needed for injuries to heal.

It is becoming increasingly evident that modern man takes too little exercise or does the wrong exercises.
However the trend towards steadily increasing numbers of back patients shows that the present system (sport, back exercises etc.) cannot be the ultimate solution.
For this reason we have developed a  complete therapy based on chiroenergy which especially takes into account the increasingly frequent muscular problems.
Chiroenergy is combined with elements of almost all branches of medicineand is therefore probably the most successful therapy for the locomotor system.







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Fit aus dem Bett  (Fit for the day)

Illustrated manual 52 pages

The effective sports schedule for all who want to get or to stay mobile.

18 easy exercises which can almost work wonders if used regularly in this combination.
In 4 minutes your whole body is mobilized and stretched. Or to put it more simply –activated!

Suitable for all ages and all stages of fitness.


Just order here by e-mail €10,00 incl. postage and package.
Also available through Amazon for €11,95 incl. postage and package.























The manual is available in German, English and Spanish.



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Belly-turtle — abdominal stretching apparatus

Since shortened abdominal muscles play a role in most back problems and since stretching in the classical way involves a certain amount of risk, we have developed this aide. It is of course possible to use a pile of books, however its special shape means that the results achieved with the belly-turtle are more effective and it is more comfortable to use.

Hard foam anatomically shaped.

Just lie on the belly turtle on your abdomen once a day for fifteen seconds. The fibres in the abdominal muscles relax through the pressure, causing the attached muscles to relax, too. (back, shoulders, neck and pelvis)        



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Wellness-Spray  - spirit of Heike Mayer -  “Entspannung”  (Relaxation)

This spray is a combination of absolutely pure essential oils and flowering essences, which have been selected by me personally.

Application: For all areas of tension in the body. Simply spray on and rub in.

Can be sprayed on to clothing or directly onto the skin.

Be careful with delicate materials.